Let us provide you with customized financial services. 

The finance department at Underground Network exists to equip and release people for ministry by providing excellent financial and administrative services. We are able to keep donor records, track expenses, reconcile bank accounts, process payroll and prepare reports for you and your board of directors. Essentially, we take many of the administrative tasks off your plate to free you up for the ministry you are called to do.  The administrative needs of a nonprofit are complex and we know you are likely functioning with limited resources.  We have a model that specializes in nonprofit work and streamlines processes to maximize efficiency while minimizing cost. 


We can meet you wherever you're at in your ministry. 

Because of our network model, you don't need to be ready to set up a nonprofit organization in order for us to assist you.  There are several options even if all you have is an idea.  But we can also serve you if you already have a tax-exempt organization and simply need some additional support.  We offer services such as outsourced bookkeeping, payroll, administrative support and process reviews.  


You don’t plant a church or start a nonprofit because you love paperwork and details.

You step out in faith because you see a need and sense a calling. The challenge is, those administrative duties are still there and can be a major distraction - especially if it is not your gifting and you have limited time, people, resources, money and energy. Wouldn’t you prefer to put your time towards pursuing the vision God has given you rather than keeping up with paperwork? 

Here are some of the benefits of getting professional administrative support early in the process:

  • Your ministry receives the services of a full-time, highly skilled professional for the cost of a part-time employee with minimal skills.

  • We help you build a strong administrative foundation so you can work on growing the work God has called you to.  

  • We can set-up and manage information systems, providing leadership with critical information at the right time.

  • We can maintain financial and payroll records and produce required reports in a format that makes sense. We often observe trends or ask questions to highlight potential pitfalls before they happen.

  • Because we work with several organizations, we can research and supervise the implementation of cost-effective promotional and logistical solutions.

  • Apostolic leaders, evangelists, visionaries and creative worship leaders are freed to function in the areas of their giftedness rather than get distracted by details.


We are part of a larger network of missionaries.

We function as a part of the Underground Network, a network of over 140 local microchurches and 10 cities worldwide.